Quench Hair Care

Giving your hair the moisture and shine we all love.

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Absolutely love this entire line. The shampoo is hydrating but also clarifying. It will thoroughly cleanse your hair. The conditioner is my FAVE!! The smell, the slip, the softness!!! I love. The oil is light but still lasts. The leave in isn't heavy and still does enough to keep the curls poppin and soft. Give it a try - you'll love it.

Krystal Burrell

The whole set is great! The shampoo and conditioner was very detangling. The Hydrating Mist and Nourishing Oil have my hair feeling soft and healthy.

Aceey Emme

Awesome products. I have dry scalp. The Wash Set and hair oil leave my scalp well moisturized and refreshed.

Demetria Johnson